The Services Division is in charge of the management and supervision of the necessary tasks in the different crops, whether through annual contract or isolatedly. Within this large range of work, the following are included:

  • Plant Protection Treatments
  • Herbicide Treatments
  • Pruning
  • Fertilizing
  • Subsoiler
  • Wood/Weed Grinder
  • Ridger
  • Grafted (plants)

Furthermore, both a comprehensive and a partial Cultivation Service meeting every partner’s needs is offered, adapting to each field’s conditions, to the different cultivations and to irrigation types, and being a supervised work by the cooperative’s technicians. It is worth highlighting that contracts do not have a duration commitment, so they can be terminated at any moment with no penalty whatsoever.

Our department also provides agricultural partners with Technical Assistance, which includes visits to the field, fertilizer plans, irrigation systems design and assembly, advice on quality policy implementation and subsidy management, amongst many others.

Those partners willing to make investments in their fields charged to the Operational Funds will be able to request it in the aforementioned offices.

Business Hours:

8 am to 1 pm

3 pm to 6 pm