General Insurance

In the insurance department we have specialized staff, whose main objective is the individualized advice of each type of insurance.

We offer you a wide range of car, home, life, agricultural insurance, etc. both for the members of the cooperative and for the general public.

Ask us for a budget without commitment and you will be surprised. You will see that we offer you products with the maximum guarantees at unbeatable premiums.

General Insurance offered


We present our accident insurance that meets all the needs you may suffer after a mishap, regardless of the work you do, to ensure the standard of living you have always wanted for you and yours.


This type of insurance offers you a type of savings, without risks and with the maximum security allowing you to make the most of your savings to deal with unforeseen events, build a wealth for a specific purpose, achieve your medium and long-term goals or prepare your retirement , establishing a discipline of savings in a systematic way that adapts to its purchasing power, getting effortlessly everything you have planned, through its formulas.

Travel assistance

We all like to travel with the comfort of being always protected against the unexpected.

However, we must be aware that we choose the most convenient and simple formula.

That’s why from the brokerage we offer you an insurance in which you can choose between the following guarantees:

  • Accidents
  • Disease
  • Repatriations
  • Annulment expenses
  • 24 hour assistance
  • Civil Liability
  • Vacation Reimbursement
  • Sports and photographic material, etc.

We have a wide range of modalities and companies in order to cover all the needs of our partners.

The coverages you wanted …

  • In addition to having the Civil responsibility of obligatory subscription, you will have the guarantee of Complementary Civil Liability and the Defense of the Insured without limits.
  • Legal Defense, defense of fines and claim of damages (with free choice of lawyer).
  • Bodily accidents of the driver and / or occupants.
  • Assistance in Travel from Km. 0.
  • Windshield
  • Fire
  • Stole
  • Own damages.
  • Withdrawal of license
  • So that you have insurance that suits you …

All the products of the companies will allow you, based on the basic guarantees, to get where you want in security:

  • Basic package (mandatory, voluntary RC, driver accidents, travel assistance, defense, moons).
  • Theft and fire.
  • Own damages with and without deductible.
Irrigation sheds

Within our sector, the existence of irrigation stands is very common. That is why we have a specific product to cover 100% this type of risk, which is increasingly problematic within the insurance sector.

Given the high interest shown by cooperatives in the coverage of this type of risk, some companies have negotiated the possibility of opening a group, reaching a very interesting offer in terms of guarantees and premiums, and taking into account the low acceptance of Companies assume this risk due to their claims.

We offer insurance that covers:

  • Fire
  • Fall of lightning
  • Explosion and implosion
  • Acts of vandalism or malicious
  • Wind, rain, hail or snow, flood
  • Damage caused by smoke
  • Land vehicle crash
  • Electrical damage to the Distribution and / or transformation machinery (electric line, transformers, switchboards and timers) at first risk up to € 1,202.
  • Theft of content
  • Material damage to the continent due to theft or attempted
  • Extraordinary or catastrophic risks
  • Electrical damage in horizontal pumps or vertical pumps. All this may be fenced perimeter or not, influencing, as is logical, the premium and the lack of certain guarantees.

This insurance covers everything your business needs to guarantee its operation against any risk:

material damage, theft, transportation, paralysis of activity, machinery breakdown, civil liability, urgent repairs, legal defense and others.

Coverage of property damage

  • Fire and other damages
  • Water damage to the insured property
  • Troubleshooting and pipe repair
  • Breaks of: Crystals, windows, mirrors, signs and stained-glass windows, sinks and fixed sanitary appliances

Theft Coverages

  • Theft and damages for this cause
  • Cash and checks
  • Goods carried by the insured, employees and customers inside the establishment
  • Replacing keys and locks

Liability coverage

For damages to third parties:

  • Compensation and bail
  • Legal costs and legal direction

It is an insurance tailored to the most demanding communities, which require the greatest coverage, at the best price, and with the highest quality of commitment.

It is a multi-risk in which the insured chooses the coverages with which he will feel more secure.


  • Fire and / or explosion, lightning and smoke fall.
  • Extension of guarantees.
  • Expenses: firemen, debris, salvage, cleaning, architect intervention and temporary accommodation.
  • Extraordinary claims reports
  • Impact: fall of aircraft, collisions of things or animals.
  • Loss of rents.
  • Forced eviction.
  • Theft and robbery, theft and vandalism
  • Crystals.
  • Electrical phenomena: short circuits, overvoltage and induction of lightning
  • General Civil Liability

Special Coverages

  • Water damage.
  • Civil liability for water action
  • Exterior glass housing.
  • Breakdown of machinery.
  • Static repair
  • Assistance.

The decease insurance is a specialized solution to solve all the material needs and to help in the emotional aspects of the family before the death of a loved one.

There are several options with the possibility of choosing the one that most interests you:

  • standard, with payment of an annual premium, which can be fractioned. The contracting age is from 0 to 70 years.
  • Single payment, at the time of contracting the policy, whose contracting age is 71 to 80 years.
  • Payment to 5 years, exclusively in five annual payments and provided that the contracting age is between 61 and 70 years.
  • Payment up to 65 years, you only pay until you reach that age and the contracting age goes from 0 to 60 years

Advantages of this type of insurance:

  • Specialized and effective treatment that includes the completion of all procedures, processes and procedures for a death.
  • An insurance tailored to the needs of the family, which adapts to the customs and uses of the locality where the service will be provided.
  • It acts more there in the management including personal support services.
  • Maximum flexibility: you can extend or reduce benefits at any time.

The key to a safe home is to have a product that covers risks and unforeseen events, as it is also a guarantee to enjoy the tranquility of the home.

A simple phone call is enough to quickly resolve any problem related to your home.

That is why we have selected a wide range of personalized insurance, so that whatever your home, do not have to worry about those accidents and breakdowns so common in everyday life.

Both inside the house …

  • Damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning strikes, abnormal currents, water action, storms, smoke …
  • Breaks of glass, sanitary ware, marble and glass ceramic.
  • Theft, theft, robbery and damage.
  • Technical assistance 24 hours repairers.
  • Advice and legal protection.
  • Loss of continuity and static coherence.
  • Loss and / or deterioration of food in the refrigerator.
  • Inhabitability and rent losses, guaranteeing the transfer of your property and the rental of a home.
  • Claims that affect common properties of the community of owners.
  • Reconstruction of documents.
  • Civil liability against third parties, and the costs of claiming them

… Like away from home

  • Robbery.
  • R.C. family, hunter, fisherman and property of dogs of any race.
  • Change of lock for theft of your keys.
  • Fraudulent use of check and / or cards, in case of robbery.
  • We cover your assets when, temporarily (for example vacations), you are out of your home.
  • Damage to your luggage as a result of a traffic accident.
  • Your home always covered. In case of damage, you will be paid the cost of your goods, so that you do not have to pay anything out of pocket.

In addition, the insurance company will cover all expenses and, if necessary, provide temporary accommodation.

Do not worry if a leak of water or gas in your home causes damage to other neighboring homes.


Due to the difficulty of the sector, as a result of the high level of accidents that mopeds and motorcycles currently present, Utecamp has negotiated the contracting with several leading companies in the insurance sector, the best contracting rules, and the best coverages that can be obtained. for this type of vehicles.

Examples of such coverages are:

  • Civil liability of obligatory subscription.
  • Civil liability of complementary subscription.
  • Compensation for damages.
  • Claim for damages.
  • Driver’s body accidents.
  • Travel Assistance.
  • Withdrawal of the driving license.
  • Advice for traffic fines
Pension plans

It is a totally flexible savings product, which enjoys the maximum tax advantages and, in the matter of retirement, allows it to maintain its current purchasing power, as a complement to the social security pension.

Regardless of the above, you can always recover your savings, in the form of capital, in a combination of both with a single payment in the form of capital in a pension plan, when any of the contingencies covered by the Plan occur:

  • Retirement
  • Permanent or absolute disability and
  • Decease.

Exceptionally, it may dispose of its entire capital in the following cases:

  • Serious illness of the participant or his spouse, or of someone of ascendants or descendants of first degree or person in the guardianship or foster care regime, coexisting with the role and dependence.
  • Long-term unemployment, it is understood as the legal situation of unemployment during the period of validity of the last twelve months and that there is no contributory pension.
Civil Liability

General securities

Civil Liability

The Civil Liability Insurance (CL) is one of the most varieties that exist. Having a policy of this type is mandatory on many occasions, as in the Auto branch. Spanish legislation requires that all vehicles be insured, at least, with the coverage of RC to be able to circulate.

In Spain, the most specific Civil Liability policy is the Hunting insurance, which represents 40% of the contracts, according to Cooperative Investigation between Insurance Entities and Pension Funds (ICEA).

– Hunter and Fisherman

– Dogs

– Horses

– Administrators and Directors

– General

– Company


The health policy allows you to have the Healthcare you need; from the Basic Medical Services to the most advanced Specialist Services of modern medicine to the widest coverage in healthcare.

Within our offer for health insurance we can find several companies in which each varies its guarantees, but depending on the companies which we work with health insurance, we can find various guarantees, among which we highlight:

The basic medical services include:

  • General Medicine, Pediatrics and Childcare. Nursing service.
  • Permanent Emergency Service in a hospital or home.
  • Means of Diagnosis.

By service of specialists, it is distinguished:

  • Diagnosis, treatment, as well as cures and small interventions that do not require hospitalization.
  • Attention and assistance to childbirth in a private clinic in a single room.
  • Means of Diagnosis: Cardiac Doppler, ultrasound, electrocardiography, electroencephalogram, electromyography, spirometry, fibroendoscopy, digital arteriography, ergometry, vascular hemodynamics, holter, nuclear medicine, nuclear magnetic resonance,
  • CT-scanner.
  • Chiropody: 4 sessions per year.
  • Preventive medicine: pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology and cardiology.

And for total health care:

  • Surgical and medical hospitalization. In a single room with a bed for the companion.
  • Hospitalization in UVI without limit of days.
  • Special treatments: Artificial kidney for acute and chronic cases. Aerosol therapy Ventilation therapy Oxygen therapy Blood and plasma transfusion.
  • Bone marrow transplant.
  • Laparoscopic surgery.
  • Bone densitometry.
  • Family planning. Implantation of IUD, vasectomy and tubal ligation.8.- Ambulance service.

Dental insurance is a formula that covers everything your mouth needs and that allows you to choose the professional you want, among a wide range of dentists, in addition to emergencies 24 hours a day.
With a price so small that it will make you smile.
Check it.

Subsidies for illness and accidents

By means of this insurance, the payment of a daily subsidy is guaranteed when the insured is affected by an alteration in his health status, attributable to an illness or accident that entails total incapacity for the exercise of his work or professional activity.

There are also several options, in addition to illness or accidents, such as the payment of a daily subsidy for each day of hospitalization of the insured in a health center, clinic or hospital; or a daily subsidy when the insured is hospitalized in Intensive Care Units (U.C.I.), for the treatment of pathological processes caused by an illness or accident, and by indication of the facultativo responsible for assistance.

This product has important advantages:

  • Without prior medical examination.
  • With a very high insured amount
  • By just presenting the extended discharge by the doctor who is treating you
  • Fully compatible and complementary with any other private insurance or Social Security.
  • With coverage throughout the world.
Tractors and trailers

One of the products in which we are a reference in terms of contracting, is the insurance of tractors, expanding the offer to combine harvesters and agriculture vehicles.

There are negotiations with companies, through which we have created collectives so that our partners are favored, both in premiums and guarantees.

You can hire your tractor insurance at a very affordable price, with the following guarantees:

  • R.C. Compulsory
  • R.C. Volunteer
  • Legal defense
  • Personal Guarantees Driver
  • R.C. Agrobusiness operation. In addition, you can expand the coverage, including any type of trailer that drives the tractor, with:
  • Third Parties + Total Loss
  • Third Parties + P T + Windshield
  • Third Parties + Fire + Robbery + Moons
  • Third Parties + Total Loss + IRL

If a person’s economic contribution fails for any reason, (death, disability, serious illness …) this can affect his family quality of life.

It can also happen with your financial commitments acquired.

If your source of income can not cover them, your family will also lose quality of life …

Only a solvent and profitable insurance can face these contingencies.

We offer solutions adapted to the needs of each partner:

  • Fixed Temporary Life Insurance you can set the duration according to your needs.
  • Term Life Insurance is renewed tacitly in each annuity.
  • You can also keep the insured capital permanently updated with our Revalueable Temporary Life Insurance.
  • Repayment Insurance, applying for a mortgage loan will not be a problem for you and your family.

It also offers many advantages:

You can expand your coverage, hiring complementary capital for accidental death and absolute and permanent disability.
You can establish the periodicity that best suits you to make the payment of premiums (annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly).

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